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Cold Front Walleye Limits

Fun fishing again today with friends and family before my season officially starts in April! The cold front this morning moved the fish, but the spot we found was lights out! 💥👊💥 I love the tough days that make you work to find the fish. It makes it that much more rewarding! Jason Paducha George Hastings Robert Paducha Ben Heinbokel

⭐️ Here's the report - Sunday March 17th 2024

Launched @ Bolles Harbor 7:30am - checked Luna Pier... it was to slow so we went searching. Found them 20 fow - bandits (color didn't matter), 30-90 back - couldn't even get the rods set before the fish started firing off and the 🔥Fire Drill🔥continued until we had our 4 man limit! Doubles-Triples-Quads- and five on at once - it was all hands on deck for sure!

If you would like to fish with us this season- give Captain Ben a call @ 734-730-1272

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